Kusoge are the result of a team willing to try something unheard of. They take us to plots unguessable and worlds unimaginable.

Hello! My name is Aria (she/her) and I’m a fan translator and game collector, especially of kusoge. I’ve been collecting Japanese retro games at a much faster rate than I’ve been playing them, so I’d like to spend more time playing and talking about them!

This blog will be partially a casual journal about the random Japanese games I play as well as the occasional translation progress update post. That and who knows, maybe something random as well! We’re being casual and relaxed here~

You can find more information on our translations on the Translation Progress page, including a link to our discord server. You can also follow me for updates on Twitter.

I also wrote a fantasy novel!

“‘The Light in Front of Me’ is an LGBT fantasy about being true to yourself and overcoming odds together. It’s an adventure full of intense swordfights, heart-felt confessions, dragons, and an adorable fox who doesn’t quite get humans.”

You can find the book in digital form here on itch.io or digital and physical on Amazon here!

There’s also a short visual novel excerpt from one of the more important scenes available here!