“Snow” #3 Legend Route – “Don’t do the thing.” “We did the thing.”

After having a couple months to cool off from Asahi’s route, I finally got back to Snow to learn the secret behind the 1,000 years of snow and who pissed off the dragon gods.

⚠️ SPOILER WARNING! If you want to play this in English in the future, stop reading here! We will very quickly be hitting spoiler material in this route. There’s currently an in-progress translation you can find here! If you don’t plan on playing the game or already have, then you can continue on.

The Legend route unlocks in the main menu after clearing Sumino or Asahi’s route, which we covered in the previous blog posts. Having seen both of those routes turned out to get a good idea for understanding just what happens in the past.

We already know from the poem in the instruction manual that a dragon goddess from the Heavens fell in love with a man on the Earth, which pissed off a lot of people and was generally regarded as a bad move. This lead to the 1,000 years of winter that will soon cover the region. But the question is; what does this have to do with our characters?

They all share the same voice actors font colors ancestry. Enter two siblings, Hakuou (our new Kanata/MC) and Housen (Meiko’s equivalent). Their parents were priests in charge of summoning the goddesses who descended once a year to hear the wishes of the villagers before returning to Heaven and relaying that information in an incredibly inefficient and prone-to-failure process of communication. However ~8 years ago, bandits raided the shrine and forced Hakuou and a baby Housen to escape with the goddesses while their parents fought to the death behind them.

Hmm, I’m getting scary vibes from the not Sumino on the right…

In this brief flashback, we get a glimpse at the goddesses, where one looks an uncanny amount like Sumino. She even shares the same voice actor text color eyes! As for the blue-haired girl, there’s only one opening in the cast left who has blue text hair, so she much be the mysterious animal girl we’ve yet to learn about yet! (I’ll stop striking through text, I promise~)

The scene is rather short as Hakuou remembers that night in a dream, especially remembering the part where not-Sumino hugged him and she smelled really good. (they say smell is a strong sense for recalling memories~) The goddesses safely escape back to Heaven, while the two siblings are dropped off at another shrine to call their home.

Back in the future past, they see how much their parent’s shrine has fallen into disarray and start the work to clean it up. Their goal is to restart the Goddess Communication Network Ritual (GCNR for short) and wish that the bandits would go away. If they can succeed in this, then the nearby village will be happy again.

You would think that humans who intentionally hurt the goddesses would be smited, but nooo. Gotta save that 天罰 (divine punishment) for other things~

They don’t know anything about how to conduct the ritual, but luckily for them, one of their parents buried the manual in the dirt floor of the shrine. After reading it, they realized they could only summon the goddesses about 10 days after the summer solstice, which was conveniently in a couple days!! So they set upon the village to ask for help.

“Slowly, the straw door parted.” (But like, Old English)

The above screenshots show part of the pain of this route; all the text in parenthesis are readings for complicated, old words. There’s a fair bit in the first half of the story for world building consisting of complex or outdated kanji. Thankfully they give the reading, but only the first time. Hoped you memorized it on first glance!

The villagers are shocked to see the children of their old priest return once again, but are hesitant to summon the goddesses since that brought the bandits upon them. After lots of assurances and Hakuou telling his plan to just ask the goddesses to make the bandits go away, the village accepts and helps them start preparations.

Our characters, having run away from home at a young age, don’t know much about the ritual, so they find the oldest person in town who didn’t die 8 years ago and have her explain the plot.

Old lady: “The ritual involves summoning the goddesses who always watch over us and treating them to our village’s hospitality.”

Essentially, the goddesses are summoned and hang out at the priest’s place for a week. They’re not allowed to be seen by anyone else until the night of the festival, where they will hear all the wishes of the villagers. Then later that night, they’ll return to heaven. If they don’t return that night, they’ll be stuck on Earth.

All the clothes for the ritual were burnt in the fire years ago, so the women of the village agree to sew post-haste. Then, the old lady gives a slightly important reminder:

Old lady: “Now, no falling in love with any gods now!”

Whaaa– n-noo, never, no dragon god falling in love here, nope.

Housen: “Hmm, I see. It could actually be an issue with my inexperienced brother here.”
Old lady: “Oh Hakuou-sama, you don’t have that experience yet?”

Apart from Housen giving Hakuou the low blow by calling him a virgin in front of the town, she does call what’s going to do down. I mean, it’s pretty obvious at this point Hakuou is going to unleash 1,000 years of winter upon one of the goddesses.

After one last poke from the old lady to make sure they get back to Heaven, the pair return to continue preparations at the shrine. A couple days pass, they pick up the clothes, and are ready to head to the Goddess Airport, aka the Dragon God Lake.

Housen looks like she belongs in a gender-bent Sengoku-era game with that warlord helmet made of flowers
The sound of bells echoes in the air.

As they perfectly perform the dance they practiced nonstop for several days, a flash lights up the night.

The ritual was a success, and two goddesses descend. What beautiful and elegant women await us–

Dragon Goddess 2: “Euuu~~ Euuu~~”

Damnit… Alright, it’s literally Sumino, Euuu~~’s and all. The younger Dragon Sister (Not Sumino) bawls her eyes out, glad to finally see Hakuou and Housen alive again, as they were the goddesses who helped them 8 years ago. After much rejoicing, they’re escorted back to the shrine where they’ll be staying.

Younger Dragon Sister: “Do you have anything sweet~?”

In case we weren’t sure, Not Sumino is still into sweets, but it’s manjū now (steamed yeast bun with filling) instead of anman. A quick google search seems to say they’re similar, but manjū is smaller and more brown. (You can read more on the differences here!)

Elder Dragon: “Behave yourself, or I swear I’ll turn this shrine right back to Heaven!!”

Everyone decides to celebrate by drinking amazake, which is a sweet, low-to-no alcohol drink. As a repeat of Sumino’s route, the younger sister gets very drunk on almost nothing.

Younger Dragon Sister: “Shaduup~~ I’ll tellll you wheeen I’ve– hiccup!”

Before long, she gets herself sick and steps out for fresh air. Generally, being about to throw up isn’t the best time for small talk, but she decides it is.

Younger Dragon Sister: My name is Kikka.

She tells you her name is Kikka and demands that you call her that. Hakuou, whose very reluctant to disrespect a literal god, tries to avoid it, but Kikka pouts enough that he gives in and calls her Kikka-sama. Close enough for now.

And now we enter Act 2 of the Snow Formula, where we have the Snow Hump Hump, aka the happy, everyday life part probably filled with awfully written sex scenes I get to avoid by playing on Dreamcast. Phew. Small side note, I saw some mention on Twitter about how Sumino’s route has a really bad one they’d be more than happy to never read again. If it’s during the last act where she’s losing her memories, then oh jeez I’m glad I avoided that one… Thankfully the English patch seems like it’ll add an all-ages option.

The next morning, one of the villagers arrives at the shrine in a panic (ignoring the whole “no one should see the goddesses thing,” maybe they got shoved into the broom closet). Housen kindly offers the man a drink to wet his parched throat.

“I-I just whanna~ hehehehaa~”

Except Housen accidently offers him a leftover glass of the amazake from last night. Worse off, apparently everyone in this world has the alcohol tolerance of a hamster, and he’s left giggling to himself. Equally miraculous is his ability to sober up when the plot necessitates it!

He reports that a monster in the shape of a giant rabbit (uh oh) has been terrorizing the village, and he hopes that the priests can come and exorcise it. The source is from the ancient tapestry we saw in the original route, which is entrusted to us to take care of. After the villager leaves, the goddesses climb out of the closet and Kikka says they should hurry and go see the bunny!

Hakuou/Housen/Elder Dragon

Clearly forgetting the “can’t be seen by others” bit, Kikka is rejected from seeing the bunny.

“I want to see the bunny…”

Kikka gets all pouty, refusing to listen to the others and mopes about not seeing the bunny.

Her furry reaches an absolute maximum that can only be expressed by tildas~

Remember, this is a goddess that oversees human villages for hundreds of years. You end up convincing her to stay behind and run off yourself to see what all the flip-flop hop-hop is about.

…to no one’s surprise, she sneaks out of the house, and you run into her in the woods. Thankfully, she took a dirt path with no other people, so hopefully no one saw her.

Suddenly, Hakuou sees the bunny and gives chase, but Kikka stops you in place with an absolute order:


She then explains to you that the bunny just wants to become a human, since she can read the animal’s thoughts (or at least understand them really well.) You then decide you can fix this situation by telling the rabbit that it’ll become human if it does enough good deeds. Obviously, this is a lie, but maybe it’ll resolve the issue?

In the meantime, there’s a very angry dragon waiting at home:

“Her face bore a terrifying and ruthless glare, as if she’d been waiting in that spot all day.”

The adjective they use to describe her glare references the two “wrathful and muscular guardians of the Buddha,” the Nioh:

Yeah, she’s pretty mad.

Kikka, expecting as such, delivers the perfect excuse:


Alright, maybe not. After a sisterly scolding, Kikka promises not to do anything rash again. We’ll see how long that holds up.

The next morning, we leave Kikka behind and head into the village, only to behold a truly horrible sight:

My nightmares had been realized before my very eyes. The beast I thought I escaped laughed as it stood in front of me, with the gall to wear a smile. My saving grace was that it didn’t scream in its wretched, mind-numbing screech, for it had needed another thousand years of evolution to acquire the dreaded “nanoda.” Now, it squealed with an eerie “supi, supi,”, to which I could stand just a bit more.

Alright, enough with that. Nanoda Asahi is back, but only briefly before their transformation magic fails and they revert back to a bunny.

“Supi~! Haa… haa… Supi, supi…”

Supi is the sound rabbits make apparently, and we’ll be hearing a lot of that. Maybe telling a magical creature that it could become human if it tried wasn’t a good idea. Either way, the bunny runs off after we give it some advice. We already know this whole arc since we played Asahi’s route, so mostly it’s the same but from Hakuou’s perspective.

Back home, Kikka rushes our position and wails in a lonely manner:

“Aughhh~ That hurt~!”

The powerful dragon goddess then trips and falls on her face. She’s just so lonely that she can’t bear being apart from you. You begin to wonder if this might not be normal, but you shake it off. It’s probably fine.

Elder Dragon
“She would always watch you from Heaven, wishing she could be with you.”

Her older sister confides in you that Kikka miiiight be a stalker from the Heavens, which is a bit weird, and that she might like you. And that you must not reciprocate. Yeah, sure, got it. No dragons, nope.

Though for some reason, you find out she got so stressed she passed out in the bath and also that she likes you too.

“I can’t have the same feelings… that my sister has…!”

These dragons fell in love with you when you were like, 8. I guess they were watching you this whole time from Heaven, but that’s still pretty weird. Also someone should have brought a different goddess along, since these ones clearly have a conflict of interest. Anyway~~

“You don’t need to try and help humans anymore. It’s just too dangerous.”

Some time passes, Asahi tries to do good, but gets chased away and hurt, so Hakuou tells her that she should just live in the forest and makes her a house. Presumably, this is where she hides in her route a thousand years from now. Or a similar tree, though that’s not as cool.

The next day, Nanoda isn’t happy staying in the forest and shows up at your place! Housen has some familiar words for her:

“You pest! Calm down or I’ll peel your skin off and cook you in a nabe pot!”

We saw this line both in Asahi’s route from her perspective as well as Meiko saying the exact same thing. Hmm~ Anyway, she lives here now. You realize the name on the scroll is from a painter named Asahi, so you name her that. Since the scroll is her lifeblood, you vow to keep it safe and hi-five your new pet bunny. Kikka is stoked.

That night, you and Kikka really hit it off and you argue with yourself, whether or not you can morally accept Kikka’s love.

“I was really happy and didn’t get much sleep.”

For some reason, the scene jumps and you remark about how you couldn’t sleep last night since you were so happy. Huh, that’s weird.

“When I got up to wash my face, I saw that Kikka was still asleep.”

For some reason, Kikka’s asleep next to you. Seems pretty implied that you unleashed a thousand years of winter played games all night with her! This is the PG route, nothing sexy happened! Nope!


And for some reason she’s naked, that’s weird! One of the games must have been strip poker or something, you wouldn’t thrust your sword into a dragon’s weak point, right? Both of you are super cutely awkward about this situation though:

“Ahh sorry”
“You first.”

After your amazing Twister match last night, you decide you never want to be apart from her again. You vow that you won’t let her return to Heaven.

This’ll end well.

The Elder Dragon finds out and has just one question:

Elder Dragon

“We may be a human and a god… but before that, we’re a boy and a girl.”

Aww, that’s cute. Horrific consequences aside, cute. She swears she’ll drag Kikka back to Heaven if she has to.

Tenbatsu~ Wait too early, we’ll get there.

Anyway, Housen has a premonition that the bandits will attack the day of the festival. She’s not sure when, but they’ll be there to stop the goddesses. For the last few days till the festival, Housen and Hakuou help the village prepare for the assault, while Kikka makes food for all the villagers. Finally the day arrives and the festival commences.

The goddesses listen to the villager’s wishes, and a light brighter than the rays of sunlight shines into the Heavens for each one. I don’t really understand this, since even if we’re using light to send information to the Heavens (fiber optics without the cables?), the wishes don’t come true until the goddess return. So they could just write the wishes on a sticky note and read them at home.

Anyway, the night is going well, people are drinking, and the Elder Dragon is getting anxious. Hakuou tells her to chill and relax, there’s no reason to rush home!

Oh right the bandits.

They sneak in easily enough due to said drinking and attack. Hakuou kills several of the bandits before hopping on a horse and escaping with the goddesses back to the Lakeside Airport. Unfortunately, bandits can be heard from that direction, blocking their escape. They must run off into the woods and flee, missing the critical deadline.

I forgot to take pictures during this scene, so here’s a mad Asahi yelling at me.

Now it comes to everyone’s favorite act, the sadness act!

“Hakuou, you’re awake! Are you okay?”

After running from the bandits frantically last night, you randomly wake up in a grass field. Everyone is covered in mud, still wearing their formal clothes from the night before. The goddess have missed the deadline. What will happen now, nobody knows. For now, they can’t head back to the village without risking the goddesses, so they decide on the next best thing: wander around in the forest blindly for days.

Low on supplies, they manage to find a hot spring run by an old woman in the middle of nowhere. Unwilling to put the old woman in danger in case the bandits come by asking questions, they introduce themselves as a wandering set of performers.

“I am Reirei. The rabbit is Ronron.”
“This girl is the younger sister, Rinrin.”
“She’s the older sister, Ranran.”
“And that guy’s our leader, uh… Sansuke?”

To pay for the springs and food, Housen says they’ll put on a show. Hakuou gives his best shot:

“H-here’s my kappa impression~ …kekeke, kuuuu, kuuuu.”
Old lady
Elder Dragon

Your act is stupid enough the old lady busts up laughing and gives you free access to the spring and sees you off with plenty of bags of food and more importantly manjū, aka Sumino Kikka’s lifeblood. You notice a sign saying it’s a hotspring named after the dragons and that there’s a high chance she helped you since she knew the truth.

We see a short scene later of the bandits pushing the old lady around, but she refuses to say anything about you.

The journeying to nowhere in particular continues for several days (in game and also just reading time in general). Kikka slowly develops a stomach ache that doesn’t go away. Soon, she starts to show a swollen belly.

“…I’m… having your child… Hakuou-sama.”

Many questions. Something got twisted up in our Twister match. Also it’s been like, 5 days. Elder Dragon has an answer for that at least.

Elder Dragon
“…dragon children grow much faster than human children. Almost at a speed you’d find unbelievable.”

It’s plot/sadness bait convenience, just say it. Anyway, so yeah, she’s already pregnant with your child. Just a few back-of-napkin calculations, if she’s showing, then she should be about 16-20 weeks in. If an average pregnancy is 40 weeks, then we’re 40% of the way there. 40% in 5 days would put us at 12.5 days total, or 7.5 days remaining. That baby is here in a week!

Elder Dragon
“This is normal in Heaven, just deal with it.”

The party treks on, making sure Kikka gets extra food and rest. Meanwhile, Elder Dragon prays to the Heavens for forgiveness.

Elder Dragon
“Please, please forgive us…! Please!!”
Elder Dragon
“Divine punishment will fall upon us.”

And there it is, the word of the evening!! 天罰 (tenbatsu), aka divine punishment. They repeat this about 30 times over the next several hours, just hammering into your head how you fucked up. It has a nice ring to it.


It starts raining, 天罰. Food starts running low and they can’t find more, 天罰.

More importantly, the sad train is making a repeat visit! Sumino Kikka wakes up confused, thinking they were just at the shrine.

“I… was just at the shrine?”
“Hakuou-sama, we still have preparations to do for the festival!”
“…? What’s wrong everyone? Did something happen?”

Everyone has to explain that the festival already happened and that they were attacked by bandits. They can’t return to Heaven or the village. Your party responds exactly as expected:

“Is this… 天罰…?”

You are leaving this blogpost knowing that word by the way. Tenbatsu. Consider this your 天罰 for reading this far or something.

Just like before in Sumino’s route, Kikka starts to lose her memories. In a more drastic moment, you find her in a frightening position:

Kikka held a stick in her hand. She… brought the stick up to her stomach, and…
“What do you want me to do? My stomach is so swollen and I hate it~!”

She does the horrific things in a cute voice sadness again, so we know we’ll be in it for the long run.

Elder Dragon

From here on, Kikka goes from insisting you call her Kikka, to forgetting about everyone here, including her sister. She becomes irritable and screams about how she wants to go home and not be covered in mud and starving in this rainy forest.

You guessed it~


I promise I didn’t screenshot every time it came up, just several times. Around this time, Housen has a premonition:

“Something like this will happen again. This pain and suffering will probably repeat over and over.”

In her dreams, she sees unfamiliar buildings in a place like this covered in snow. A young man in strange clothing who looks oddly like Hakuno breaks the cycle. The world she sees is the modern times, where Kanata now lives. Fortunately, this means the 天罰 can be stopped! Unfortunately for our heroes, it’s not for another thousand years. That’s bad for them.

“Who am I?”

Also Kikka forgets who she is.

This is… 天罰…

Interestingly, the game shifts narrators a bit here, letting us see Hakuou for the first time.

Honestly, I would have ditched the hat after a week in the raining woods.

Generally, fill this section of the game with several more hours of being dragged through the mud sadness, mutter 天罰 a few dozen more times, and you’ll have the idea. Elder Dragon eventually snaps and yells at Kikka, similar to Sumino’s mom in the future:

Elder Dragon
“How shameful! You’re a disgrace to the gods! You can’t even atone for what you’ve done!!”

Kikka, who at this point is completely oblivious, doesn’t know how to respond.

“Uwaaaaa!! Some stranger is berating me!! Uwaaaa!!”

In this sad, dark moment, Hakuou has just one wish:

Just once, I want to see her smiling face again…!

Why would the gods give you that, that’d be–


Aww, her memories back and she loooves you~~

…yeah, we’re not falling for the Sumino route trick again. (though presumably the Sumino trick stole from this, either or).

Elder Dragon
“…maybe our prayers finally made it through.”

HAHAHAHA! HAHAHA! Ahh, that’s a good one Elder Dragon-san.

Elder Dragon
“Did we really escape from the 天罰?”
HAHAHA You’re killing me, stop!!!

Anyway, you have an amazingly peaceful day, then right on cue, Sumino Kikka gets a fever. It begins~

One last beacon of light shines:

You see a vast, green expanse unfold before your eyes. The skies are blue, the scenery is beautiful. You spy a small village in the distance and realize that it’s the main menu you can finally rest!

Hey wait a minute, isn’t that our town?

Your party slowly realizes they spent a week or so walking in a giant circle. Kikka is desperate for a bath and a nice bed, but you unfortunately have to tell her that you’ll have someone scout it out first and you’ll go in the morning. Who know where the bandits that want to attack you are now? For now sleep.

“If you close your eyes… you’ll see the continuation of your dream…”
“I’ll be reborn some day, then I’ll be by your side once again.”
“If I don’t, then our child will always be waiting for us at the shrine…”

You had a very not-good dream. Also you wake up in the morning to find the bandits. And it’s raining. Whoops.

They explain their evil, not-well-thought-out plan of killing the villagers and kidnapping the goddesses, which they can then leverage to control harvests and live like kings! Except like, the goddess have to go back to Heaven to report the wishes, and they will just not turn them in. That and you’re fucking with the gods, who really should have smited these guys earlier, especially now that we know they have mighty 天罰 powers of mind erasing.

They attack Housen, who escapes with just a cut shirt as Kikka slowly dies of her fever in Hakuou’s arms. A bandit nearly kills him when Asahi jumps in front of the bandit to defend him. Just like as we saw in the Asahi route, she’s thrown into a tree and nearly killed.

“I’m… glad I… met you… Hakuo–“

Hakuou then goes fucking crazy and unleashes the bloodlust.


He goes so crazy at the death of his dragon wife that he single-handedly solves the entire bandit problem. As his head cools down, he walks over to the injured Asahi.

“One day in the future, someone might find this scroll and set you free again…”

With Asahi now safe to recover inside the scroll, Hakuou looks up to the Heavens and generally just flips off the clouds while screaming Kikka’s name. The Elder Dragon runs off into the woods looking for herbs to heal his wounds, when Hakuou asks Housen to fetch him some water. She feels something is amiss, but eventually agrees and leaves.

“I… love you, big brother.”

Now alone, Hakuou stands above the deceased Kikka.

But even so, I can’t live without Kikka.

Just as the Elder Dragon is returning with herbs, Hakuou plunges his sword into his stomach and kills himself, falling on top of Kikka.

Now Kikka, Hakuou, and their unborn child can be together once again. The snow we’re all familar with begins to fall. There’s only one possible reaction to this:

There it is.

Both women now stand in the unimaginable silence, broken in both body and mind. Knowing this cruel fate will happen again and again, Housen has an odd request:

“Until the time that the one I saw in my vision breaks this curse, could you let me live as I appear now?”

For some reason, the Elder Dragon is able to grant this request and make Housen immortal, which opens a whole can of “why didn’t you do that and more earlier,” but this is a really good tragic scene, so we’ll let it slide.

“If you see a reincarnated version of my brother in the future, you have my permission to slug him.”

The Elder Dragon blames herself for not bringing her sister back to Heaven or stopping Hakuou from being with her. She couldn’t do anything as her sister deteriorated and died in front of her.

Elder Dragon
“But, if… I could meet a reincarnated Hakuou… do you think he’d forgive me?”

Set on their long mission to stop this tragedy, the two agree to go their separate ways and wait for that day. The Elder Dragon decides to live in the mountains, never to talk to another person. Housen chooses to live quietly in the village, waiting patiently.

Back in the present day, we confirm Housen is indeed Meiko. Doctor Tachibana one day nearly hits her with his car and tries to help her, but she doesn’t have any parents to call. He decides to adopt her into his family.

The Elder Dragon is also confirmed to be the girl with the white hat who we ran into in the woods.

Lastly, we’re left with an image of Sumino and Kanata as kids and the reincarnated versions of Kikka and Hakuou, with bunny Asahi on his lap.

Lastly, the credits play and the main menu changes once again, now a bright sunny day with the snow back once again.

Despite the Legend route feeling pretty strung out and reusing a lot of the sad tropes from the other routes, they really stuck the ending. I’m genuinely excited to continue the story after I write this post! After looking at that PS2 route guide, it appears we’re locked into a path where the Elder Dragon route is next, followed by our time travel old lady child. Apparently there’s a Meiko route to close it out, but I don’t see anything about it on Dreamcast. If it’s a PS2-only thing, I may need to play that one or just skip to the PSP version which adds another character anyway.

We have 66% of all the CGs, so we’re close! Meiko’s image down there just says “Other people” and shows Giraffe Sayori, your cousin, and Meiko. Maybe it’ll be a surprise last route? Not sure!

But next up, we can start the Elder Dragon’s route, aka Shigure apparently!

Copying their Copied Homework – Snow Part #2 (Asahi’s Route)

After finishing Sumino’s route, I put out a Twitter poll asking what route to try out next. “Old Lady Time Travel Daughter” won out by a large margin, so I originally set out to do that route. I attempted to gain favor with the tiny enigma child, but things didn’t work out.

Ouka: “Wee~ Weee~~!”

I played with the kid and gave them food as they sadly waited in the snow for their parents. She noted that we look really similar to her father for some strange reason in a not-so-subtle elbow nudge.

Whenever Sumino was rolling down the hill uncontrollably, I stepped out of the way and let her slam into a tree. I think this happens 3 times?? To be honest, after the last route she kind of scares me…

“The annoying one has arrived.”

When Asahi arrived at our window during a blizzard and knocked pitifully to be let in, I closed the blinds and went back to watching TV.

Though no matter how much I did, the time traveler would always mysteriously vanish and never appear in the plot again. Kanata goes to the shrine, notes she’s not there, wonders if maybe her parents finally came back, and wishes her well. We, on the other hand, have failed to get on any route, and things don’t turn out well.

Asahi: “To Kanata. I’ve been thinking a lot about us since my confession.”

Asahi leaves a letter behind complete with sad snow-covered narration about how we’ve changed, and that it’s clear she’s not in your heart anymore. She vanishes to the mountains to never be seen again.

The following morning, your cousin Tsugumi tells you that the family inn is bankrupt and being sold off as a cultural landmark! Tomorrow! Kanata was initially worried about what would happen to Tsugumi, but it turns out she got engaged to the strange town doctor and will be perfectly set. Everyone in the town has one last bath at the bath house in honor of its closing, and I get scared seeing Sumino in the inn again. That route hurt me more than I expected ; _;

Sumino: “U-eguu! P-promise, promise me you’ll, come back!!”

Lastly, Sumino walks us to the bus stop in harsh silence the next morning. Since we put up a thick emotional wall between us after *last time*, we don’t get her route, and we get on a bus to go back to the city we came from. She chases after the bus, shouting for us to come back one day, too broken up by our sudden separation. Kanata nods and waves, not wanting to do that again. Go time travel wisdom~

And then game over.

I had to do some searching in Japanese for a route guide, which isn’t easy when the game is named something super generic like “Snow.” Eventually I found something for the PS2 version which states that everything is actually in a strict order oddly enough. At first, you’re allowed to do either Sumino or Asahi, then you have to do the Legend route. After that, one more route opens up at a time, with time travel daughter being near the end.

The only hint I noticed that points to this is that Meiko at one point asks you “How much do you know about the legend?” to which Kanata doesn’t answer well enough. She smacks you and tells you to come back after studying more. Apparently that was more 4th-wally than I realized if she meant that for me, the player, and not Kanata. I also get strong vibes that she knows everything and may have lived in the days when the dragons were around.

I mean, does this not look like the face of an all-knowing deity!?

I figured if I didn’t do Asahi now, I wouldn’t go back to it, so I went ahead and started that route.

Spoiler-free version if you’re wanting to play the English release in the future: Both Sumino and Asahi’s routes tackle very similar themes, so you don’t really need to do both. Sumino’s has a bit more importance I feel, so I would recommend that one. Asahi explores a bit more of the world’s backstory a bit, but I think that’ll be mostly covered in the Legend route. Sumino’s is just the better story though. Sumino’s made me feel sad and anxious. Asahi made me feel annoyed and impatient.

Entering Asahi spoiler territory! Also Sumino spoilers from the previous post are mentioned!

(I’m going to be honest here; I played this route a bit over a month ago and was just so uninspired that I put this review off too long. Hopefully I didn’t forget too many details, but thankfully I take a huge amount of screenshots for fun out of habit.)

So after letting Sumino slam into more trees and cry about anman, the plot branches after we let Asahi into the house after she knocks on our window in the blizzard. Tsugumi asks Kanata who this random child is, but he has no idea either. Asahi gets upset and starts crying, saying that when you were kids, you, uh, “kept each other warm in a long hug full of love” or something to that degree. Tsugumi immediately flips out:

Tsugumi: “You planned on running away from this after what you did to her!? Take responsibility and make her your wife!

Obviously this is a misunderstanding. Tsugumi doesn’t seem to realize that this event was 10 years ago, so clearly he didn’t sleep with her and then ran the next morning. But for some reason, no one mentions this, and Asahi is ecstatic that she gets to be your wife and her love is accepted, by force.

The following night, you have strange dreams of what you may have just gotten yourself into:

Dream Asahi says she’s a daughter of a group that “punishes evil people.” However, a guy with a punch perm threatens to wrap you in a bamboo mat and throw you in the ocean to drown, so it’s easy to assume Asahi is a yakuza boss’ daughter.

Thankfully we wake up from that…

Asahi: “Good morning nanoda~!”

…and wake up into a new hell. Alright that’s a bit much. Also, you better get used to hearing “nanoda” at the end of all her sentences for the next several hours, since it’s her “cute” thing she does nanoda. It doesn’t really mean anything nanoda, just a cute way to talk nanoda. Alright we’re done with that nanoda.

Now that Asahi’s your forced wife, she insists on helping you with everything. And she’s somehow bad at everything.

“Asahi spun around the room in a panic, with the vacuum sucking up part of her skirt.”

She insists on making you dinner, which you think is nice, until you see she just brought out a plate of raw vegetables and starts gnawing on a carrot. You hold an uncooked potato in your hand, but you can’t really eat that. However, you summon your main power characters and eat as much as you can to make her happy. You request next time that she at least prepares them a bit. She’s confused at first, but nods enthusiastically that it’ll be much better next time! The next evening, you get a pile of hacked up vegetables. Confused, but still polite-ish, you eat them and ask that she makes some meat next time and actually seasons the food. That and rice would be a nice complement.

So the next day, she hands you a raw steak covered in pepper, sugar, soy sauce, mayonnaise, and ketchup perfectly complemented with a bowl of uncooked rice. Perfect!

Now, the astute reader (or anyone whose remotely thinking about the story while reading) may have realized the route’s twist at this point: Asahi is a rabbit from your childhood who came back because they missed you. And now if you think I’m jumping the gun, let me present some proof:

  1. She has no idea how to do basic human things
  2. You met her 10 years ago, but don’t remember her. You shared a “loving, warm embrace” that can’t be explained unless you kept a bunny warm
  3. She served you a plate of raw vegetables for food
  4. Her hair is tied up into two long bunny ears
  5. She has red eyes
  6. She’s dressed like a fucking carrot
  7. She goes home every night, but refuses to let you see her house or know where she lives
  8. Kanon already did this (though with a fox), so there’s no surprise they copied this too
  9. There’s a rabbit on the game’s cover

So yeah, by this point (which is still in the common route section by the way!!) I already guessed most of the twist and spent the next several hours waiting for the game to reveal it.

Now you might be wondering why I called this post “copying their copied homework.” That’s because this route is really just the Sumino route all over again!! It follows the same structure perfectly, so you really don’t miss much if you only do one route. As I mentioned in the last post, this game was originally an 18+ game for PC, so this happy period most likely contains some scenes I’d rather not think about involving your pet rabbit. MOVING ON.

The beginning part of her route is her learning to actually cook like a normal person and control animal instincts, like eating the entire kitchen since she found new tasties. She’s incredibly bad at everything she does, but she makes up for that in enthusiasm!

“Let Asahi cook dinner”
“Cook dinner yourself (and save your sanity)”

Though enthusiasm only gets so far when you scrub someone’s back with a pool-scrubbing brush on accident and rip their skin open, requiring stiches. She’s trying though 😀

Soon however, Kanata realizes that her blind enthusiasm may cause some unexpected problems. Begging to be useful, Kanata asks Asahi to go to the village store and grab this week’s Shonen Copyright Avoidance magazine. Sumino’s mom, who runs the store, tells Asahi that due to being out in the mountains, they run one week behind on the magazines, and that she’d have to go into town to get one. Unfortunately, this is exactly what she does, on foot without telling anyone.

We find her frozen at the shrine (oh hey, just like Sumino) clutching the magazine for you. We bring her back home, realizing how terrible we’ve been or something.

She gets anime sick for a while due to it, but recovers pretty quickly. Kanata realizes just how much Asahi loves him, and he resolves to be better to her.

Around this time, Asahi, after many many days of practice, manages to make a meal that is not an inedible pile of trash!

Asahi: “I did it! I did it!”

What’s that? A happy smiling face? You know what that means!

*whistles from the sad train can be heard softly in the distance*

At some point, Meiko lets us know that Sumino has given up and that she wishes Kanata and Asahi well. The confusion over the past hugging incident is resolved, though Meiko wants you to tell her it really happened because it would ruin her amusement if everything just worked out. Kanata and Asahi break off the forced wife situation since the misunderstanding is resolved and decide to see what grows naturally in its place.

Asahi and Meiko get into a tiny argument due to Meiko’s bullying, to which she tells Asahi that she’ll “peel her skin off and cook her in a nabe pot.”

This freaks the Asahi out greatly.

Apart from that, everything is going great and life looks good! However, Asahi mutters the forbidden words:

Asahi: “I’m, just so happy right now.”

*sad train approaching the station, please keep your distance from the platform as the train pulls in*

To be fair, the game takes another hour at this point, and she says this like 2 more times as if feeling invincible and spitting at the gods.

Meiko: “I expected some mistakes, but to think you blew up the oven…”

She even relishes in her power and blows up the other heroine’s oven while trying to cook! She’s on a power trip!

Another important moment; Kanata catches Asahi with a lighter near the tapestry hanging in your room. The tapestry is ancient, coming from back when the dragons lived in the village of the past. She goes on about how it’s evil and she hates it, but you prevent her from burning it.

Kanata: “Is that… a lighter!?”

Definitely nothing related to bunny-ness and magical turning-into-human powers here, nope. Move along.

The next morning, Kanata notices Asahi acting peculiar.

Asahi: “Owowoww…~”

Not only was she sitting oddly close to the TV earlier, but she kept running into walls this morning. Kanata and Tsugumi determine that her eyesight must be getting bad and that they should get her checked out at an optometrist. Considering the game we’re getting into and what happened with Sumino, it’s beginning.

*glance, glance*

Her eyesight continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate. They actually change her model here to have more vacant, blank eyes. It’s kind of creepy how they drew it… The doctor suggests that they admit Asahi to the hospital, but she refuses.

Asahi: “Please, Kanata… I don’t want… to go… anywhere else…”

You decide to respect her wishes and hope she’ll get better. Kanata and Tsugumi insist on having her stay at the inn since she lives alone with no other family. Later, you have a memory from when you were a child where your mom scolded you for getting too close to the ancient scroll on the wall, but you were too entranced with the bunny.

Huh, bunny, weird. Wonder what that’s about.

However, in the present day, there’s only a smudge there. On closer inspection, Kanata can somewhat make out a pair of eyes.

Kanata: “So, maybe that smudge…”
Tsugumi: “What about it?”
Kanata: “Maybe the rabbit that got erased is coming through…?”
Tsugumi: “…”
Kanata: “…”

Kanata, in an infuriating moment of “almost putting two and two together,” dismisses everything and ignores the mysterious scroll.

Soon after, Asahi starts mumbling a lot and loses the ability to talk normally. She has to try really hard to enunciate everything, often leading to grunts and gestures. Kanata takes her to the doctor again in a panic, but he can’t offer any advice other than rest. Meiko, his daughter, offers pointedly cryptic advice:

Meiko: “Protecting Asahi is okay as long as you don’t lose sight of yourself in the process.”

She came in with similar advice for Sumino when things were turning bad then, so I really expect her to be in the know.

Kanata looks back at the wall scroll when he gets home and notices the rabbit’s mouth has returned.

“It’s almost like it took Asahi’s.”
“Does… Asahi have some connection with this scroll?”


That night, Kanata has a dream of the distant past.

Voice: “Mother! A huge rabbit just ran by!”

He dreams of running through lush green fields (ignore the sepia tones, that just means the recor– memory is old). He realizes that he, or more so the person whose memory he’s watching, is not in fact human. A kid shouts that they saw a giant bunny as they ran past. Another voice shouts that they found a monster. Before long, Kanata wakes up.

The next morning, Tsugumi mentions that they need to go on the roof and knock snow off before it gets heavy and the roof collapses. (Side note, isn’t it amazing how the inn doesn’t go bankrupt just because Asahi loves us?) Asahi insists on still helping out, despite all she’s going through. She still wants to be useful to Kanata.

Doesn’t this confident gaze just fill you with confidence that this will end well?

In all of our character’s infinite wisdom (he did let someone with a 106F fever go dress shopping), we decide that the person with degenerating eye sight should be allowed to climb a ladder onto a slippery snowy roof? What’s the worst that could happen, they’d fall off the roof?

They fall off the roof.

Tsugumi: “Oh thank heavens. No one was seriously injured.”

Thankfully you catch her and take the brunt of the fall. But really though, why did anyone think this was okay in the first place!?

As if the sad train wasn’t trying its hardest to get up depression hill, next Asahi’s hearing starts to fade. She’ll stare off blankly into space until Kanata shouts or talks right next to her ear, causing her to jump.

“I wonder if it’s the scroll– no couldn’t be…”

We have more sepia memories, this time we learn that the rabbit wants to become a human. A man tells it that in order to become a human, it needs to do good deeds for humans. The rabbit tries to pull vegetables out of the garden and bring it to the village to save them time, but they chase it away while calling it a monster.

Voice: “S-someone, come quick! The monster is taking my kimono!!”

Someone’s kimono flew off a drying rack and blew away, so she tried to grab it and bring it back (okay it’s clearly Asahi, I’m switching to she/her). However, they see the monster rabbit and immediately assume the worst and chase her out of the village.

The next morning, Asahi is nowhere to be found. Eventually, Kanata finds a note on the table:

“There in shoddy letters was the short phrase ‘I’m sorry.'”

He realizes that the tapestry in his room is now missing. We wonder once again if the scroll has any meaning.

“There has to be some relationship with Asahi and that scroll!!”

But alas we ignore it for now and search for Asahi. We don’t know where Asahi lives still, since she used to go back to her house alone and refused to let us see her place.

“As if my legs knew where to go, my memories followed the path through the snow for me.”

Thankfully Kanata intuitively knows where to go, this knowledge only being unlocked by plot relevance. He finally manages to track down Asahi’s home:

It’s an opening under a tree where she can get out of the cold. You find her alone and shivering, the wall scroll on the ground nearby. You hold her close, startling her in the process, and sleep there with her for the night instead of, you know, bringing her home.

Once again you dream of the past, but this time the rabbit saves a drowning child. The village is perplexed and terrified, but one man comes to her side.

Man: “This rabbit wanted to become a human and tried to help us. But we were scared and labeled it as a monster.”

A man named Hakuou (I think that’s how it’s read, the legend route should clarify it later) vouches for us and protects us from the other villagers. We learn he’s the man who told us we can become a human if we did enough good deeds, but he apologizes for how things turned out and asks that we return to the wild and stay away from humans from then on.

Kanata and Asahi then wake up from under the tree, after presumably seeing the same dream.

Kanata: “That… was sad. But, I’m sure this dream has a happy ending, right?”

HAHAHAHA no. Why would it, we’re playing depressing Snow simulator.

Kanata: “Go ahead and sleep. I’ll wake you when we arrive.”

I was 99% sure she was going to die here just like Sumino, but she didn’t. I’m kind of blanking on this next part, but we end up back at the hole again, this time with Asahi covered in cuts that won’t heal. I believe she ran away again, so you chased after her. You try to quickly grab food from the kitchen, but Tsugumi walks in and asks what’s going on. In a panic, Kanata sprints out without a word for some reason, clutching the few carrots he could. We see a flashback where he did this exact same thing in the past, with Tsugumi finding he was taking food to a rabbit that he wasn’t allowed to keep in the house. Why he panics now, I’m not really sure.

Back at the hole, Kanata manages to get Asahi to briefly nibble on a carrot, but not by much. Even after bandaging her wounds, the bleeding won’t stop. Kanata makes the expert medical decision to sleep in the cold hole again, and they’ll go to the doctor if it’s still bad in the morning. I really want to slap some common sense into this guy…

We have one last memory to see.

We learn that Asahi is not an actual rabbit, but part of the scroll brought to life by magic (THE SCROLL WAS IMPORTANT!?).

Man: “Don’t worry about the tapestry, I’ll keep it safe.”
Man: “…I’m not sure why you would, but on the off chance you want to return to the tapestry, come here.”

We learn that the tapestry is actual her life, and that she’s given form through its magic. She’s told to live her life as a rabbit, free from the confines of the tapestry. She runs after Hakuou and busts into his house however, despite him telling her to never seek out humans again.

Woman: “Settle down, otherwise I’ll skin you and boil you for dinner!”

Hmm, that line is oddly familiar and in the same font color/voice actor as Meiko. More hints about her being around for a long time, or just a very similar descendent?

Asahi ends up saving someone’s life, but is gravely injured in the process. The only way to save Asahi is to place her back in the tapestry to recover. However, she’ll be trapped and can’t leave of her own power.

Man: “I’m sure that someday in the future, someone will let you out of the tapestry once again.”

It’s implied at this point that she’s released when Tsugumi gives you the tapestry to hang up at the beginning of the game. She doesn’t appear for the first time in the plot until after that. We can also put together that being in human form maybe have been a reward for her past actions, but that she can only stay outside of it as a human for so long before she has to return, hence her slowly fading senses. She must have been released from it as well 10 years ago when Kanata interacted with the scroll, but she disappeared somehow. Maybe when the tapestry was rolled up? That or she faded after running out of power? Not sure if they answered that.

More importantly, we learn that she’ll die if the tapestry is destroyed.

“In the distance, Kanta can see a small red flame.”

Asahi doesn’t know this and plans on burning the tapestry. We try to stop her, but we hear screams of pain as the scroll starts to burn. Kanata rushes in and throws the scroll to the ground, putting out the flames. However, it looks to be too late.

Asahi: “…am I going to… disappear…?”
Asahi: “I… wanted to be with you… forever…”
Asahi: “You even let me… stay by your side… but now…”
Kanata: “!?”

Asahi disappears, leaving only her clothes behind. You collapse in the snow.

Thankfully you don’t die. While unconscious, someone finds you and brings you to the hospital. You make a recovery, but Asahi is not here with you anymore.

“I’m here now.
I’m no longer looking back.
I trust that person and won’t look back.
Now I can run.
To where the one I love is…
I run… I run…
The wind lightly brushes against my ears.
My feet kick off against the snow.
I… continue to run
To that person…”

And lastly, in a less confusing ending than earlier:

*bunny noises!*

We find a mysterious bunny whose happy to see us. Aww~

So Asahi briefly gets her wish to become a human and see the one who took care of her years ago, but the magic wasn’t strong enough to maintain her human form for long. But now this girl you fell in love with is now your pet bunny, so that’s kind of weird when you think about it. Hmm. Let’s not think about it!

Overall, the route wasn’t bad per se, but Sumino’s felt a lot stronger. This one at least ended in a way that made sense though. I feel like Asahi’s route was plain and stayed coherent by explaining everything by the end. With Sumino’s, we still have no idea why she got sick, better, then died. That one requires digging into the Legend route, which will be next up!

“Snow,” Also Known as Budget Kanon Part #1 (Sumino’s Route) – Games in Progress

Some months ago, I wanted to make my purchase from Japan Retro Direct worth the shipping cost when packages were expensive due to Covid. I searched the Dreamcast section of games and saw one that was just called “Snow” with two girls spinning as snow’s falling, and it just seems to whisper in your ears: “You’re gonna have a sad time.” It was in my cart and ready to go before I realized it.

I’m an absolute sucker for nakige, which are games designed to make you cry (naku = “to cry”, ge = short for “geemu/game”). Kanon’s a classic favorite of mine (tho I’ve only watched both animes for it so far), which suspiciously involves snow and sadness as well. Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna (I Am Setsuna) is another sad snow-filled game with one of my absolute favorite game OSTs that I overplay even now. Crystar is the game I’ll scream on rooftops about to the audience of no one else whose played it (another jaw-dropping, heart tearing OST here ; _;). ef – A Tale of Memories still makes me cry while thinking about it since I loved it to hell and back in high school. Narcissu–

You get the point, I like sad. This is up my alley so much. Let’s sad~

Before we begin, I want to shout out the recently revived translation effort for the game here! If this game seems up your alley as you read this, consider volunteering to help keep the project moving!

Some apologies ahead of time:

  • I played this game on-and-off for a few months, so I’m a little fuzzy on the beginning of the game. I’m writing this blogpost after playing for 5-6 hours marathoning the 2nd half, so there will be a lot for the Sumino-specific story.
  • Early on, I was taking pictures of the screen with my phone and using composite from the Dreamcast, so the photos aren’t the best. Now I have a RetroTINK Pro + S-Video -> capture card -> raspberry pi -> discord robot for super easy screenshots~

The game starts with the image of a shrine covered in snow. You’re told about a story from long ago, when dragons existed (wait wha-).

“Once there was a dragon princess who ruled the heavens.
One day, she fell in love with a boy from the surface.
The love between them was forbidden.
The dragon coated the ground in eternal snow, as if to break away from her lover.
Hundreds of years later, our story begins.
Feelings dulled to time will cross once again in the land where the snow buries only the truth.”

(if you like dragon princesses, boy, have I written the book for you~)

Alright, well that was–

At this point, I swore I hit some weird copy protection from playing a Japanese game on a US console. The game just screams at you, making your ears bleed. The camera pans up to see you’re lying on the ground, staring right at a girl’s panties. Classy start.

It’s this girl, I’m not showing the actual picture though > .>

She does the usual routine of calling you a pervert over and over, then throws a bunch of snowballs at you. Except one of the snowballs has a large rock inside of it, and she smashes your head in.

You fucking died.

–is what the whole village thinks. After a while, you wake up in what appears to be a shrine while wearing a white funeral kimono. I believe they were about to light you on fire.

So of course since immolation is not on your to-do list, you sit up and tell them you’re fine.


Finally you calm her down after pointing at your legs and convincing the girl that ghosts don’t walk. She’s so taken aback by your firm logic that she sighs in relief. It turns out she’s your cousin Tsugumi who asked you, Kanata, to come to this remote village to help with running her family’s inn. Apparently you were caught in a rockslide before the snowball incident, so that’s more likely what “killed” you.

Realizing that since you’re not dead and there’s no need to have a funeral anymore, she says you can eat the special occasion sushi she ordered to get some energy back. On the way to sushi, you find…

More screaming!! The little girl who (almost) murdered you sees you and screams “YOU’RE A GHOST!” together with her cat and runs away in absolute panic before we can explain anything. You try to chase after her, but she disappears too quickly.

Now we’re at the part of the game where all the heroines/routes are introduced. First, we run into Sumino and her mother Sayori.

As you’re running after the pink-haired kid, you realize it’s oddly cold. Someone drives past in a truck to offer you a lift, but then suddenly screams that the dead have risen and guns it down the road. You eventually run into Sumino who, to no one’s surprise, screams in terror until you can calm her down. She points out that you’re still wearing a funeral kimono and bandages, hence why you look like the walking dead. You fix that, then walk to her house to warm up.


You may notice the screaming trend here. Sumino convinces her mom that you’re alive since you have feet, which is for some reason the most firmly held belief in this village. You find out that Sumino is your childhood friend from when you lived in this village 10ish years ago (huh, Kanon called), but you don’t remember her very well. She’s disappointed, but hopes you’ll remember in time.

Little Girl: “What’s your name?”

Conveniently, you remember her in your dreams as the girl whose jacket took the top award for cutest jacket that tries a little too hard. Just like in real life, you remember her dropping an anman bun, having it roll down the snowy road, then her crying over it. You tell her it’s just a bit dirty, tear off the dirty section, and tell her it’s still good. Just like you did earlier that day! Thankfully before long, you tell her you remember everything. Yay~.

In case you’re wondering, anman are steamed hot buns filled with sweet red bean paste. Yes. anman are important to the plot. No, I’m not kidding.

She has another childhood friend, Meiko, who doesn’t appear to have a route in this version. (There are several different versions of Snow, such as Snow Portable for the PSP that introduces a new character and might have a Meiko route, but since the game was originally in a 4:3 screen ratio, playing on a PSP cuts a lot of the pictures off. Then there’s the Android version, but that’s 18+ and I haven’t heard the best things about those scenes…)

She greets you with the nicest message of “Why the hell are you alive?” It turns out she’s the daughter of the town doctor, Seishiro. He pronounced you dead and she confirmed it, so to be fair she has either the right to be startled or to be sued for malpractice. She tells you that when Sumino found out you were hurt, she performed a “ohyakudo,” also known as a hundred times worship, where someone walks back and forth a hundred times before a shrine while offering a prayer each time. She mentions that it’s her best guess as to why you’re alive, and even if it’s not related, you should really thank Sumino for doing that for you.

Also if anything happens to Sumino, she will not hesitate to stab you~

Kanata: “What do you want from life?” Meiko: “To be the one to make your coffin–!!”

She’s constantly messing with you and talking in strange voices, but throughout the game you get used to her. It even gets to the point where when you see each other, you both go “usu” as a somewhat grunt, gruff greeting between casual friends.

The general setup of the game is that your job is to hike all the way out to a waterfall in the middle of the snow, fill up two giant tanks of water, then lug it all the way back to the inn so they can cook with it. The inn’s gimmick is cooking with fresh spring water, so your job is to do the heavy man lifting. Your cousin pays you 200 yen a day with no remorse, but since you’re getting a room and delicious extravagant meals, you don’t really have much room to complain. You’ll run into a lot of the characters while you’re performing this job.

After Sumino’s cast, the next route you can pursue is the pink-haired girl. You run into her several times in the beginning, but it takes something like 3 attempts to chase her down and convince her you’re not a panty pervert ghost whose haunting her.

Girl: “It’s you again, the panty-peeping pervert ghost!!”

Eventually you convince her and she stops being mad. Her dialect makes her sound like an old country woman, despite being a small kid. You find out she’s scavenging for food and eating things like nuts off the ground.

Girl: “Looks like we’re stuck searching for nuts again, huh…”

Behold, the saddest cat possible~. You find out she’s waiting at the shrine for her parents to return, but you tell her to go home and eat proper food. After some reluctance, she does. You repeat this a few times before noticing that something’s up. She doesn’t seem to have a home to return to and her parents haven’t been seen in years. The sadness of the game peers around the corner at you, light glittering off the knife, before returning to the casual fun times~. You play with her a bit, giving her a ride on your shoulder and spinning like a father might before you realize you’re not on her route and proceed to ignore her for the rest of the game. Whoops.

Next we have green-haired screaming child, who assaults you one day when walking with Sumino. She screams that she sees evil and stops you from the lewd act of holding hands with Sumino. She’s trying to be a cool hero of justice, but then falls out of the tree. You protect Sumino from her giant icicle, to which this girl gets sad that you’re being mean to her, and that she just wanted to play. You tell her that she can’t do anything that’ll hurt people, so later she comes back and throws snowballs at you. You get mad again, asking why she’s bothering you, but she replies that she knows you from childhood and you finally came back! (wait, I thought we did this already). You inform her you don’t know her, but she promises to make you hers. On this route, we ignore her constantly. Once we’re on the Sumino route, she comes into our house late at night through the window, says something like “I see your heart is set on another, and that my dreams will never be fulfilled. I’ll never see you again, goodbye.” and then peaces from the plot forever. Huh.

Lastly is the strangest character so far. Based on my decisions, I only ever saw her once in the scene above. We were fetching water when we found her asleep, surrounded by animals. She wakes up, sees up, and sprints away like a panicked animal. We never see her again. That’s literally all I saw of her, so can’t say much. Animal spirit in a human body maybe? Dragon related? Who knows~.

After a surprisingly long opening, we made enough decision points to land on Sumino’s route. This game is *very* long-winded.

Spoiler warning!! ⚠️ We will be talking about the rest of the game in detail, so you might not want to read ahead if you plan on experiencing the game on your own in the future!

Suddenly one morning, your cousin who runs the inn says she’s giving you the inn. You’re given 2 options: “Okay, I”ll take it.” or “Give me sometime to think.” Being a rational person, I picked the later option. You run to Sumino’s house to ask for advice, then when you get home, you find the inn sold with a note that says “get out by tomorrow kthxbai!” AND THE GAME ENDS IN A BAD ENDING.

So, time travel back, we pick the option to agree and sign paperwork. We once again head over to Sumino’s for advice, then when we return, your cousin has left the game, never to be seen again. Seeing you panic over what to do, Sumino and her mom decide to help you run the inn. They also casually push the idea of Sumino living at the inn together with you as the inn mistress, which leaves just the two of you under the roof. You know what that means~


She agrees to work at the inn with anman as her pay because, in her words, anman is the source of her life. Remember this o _o

So now starts the slowest part of the game. This is about where I dropped it for a long time since it’s everyday life with Sumino, her mom, and you trying to run the inn. It’s super adorable, but happy and slow. This game was originally an 18+ PC title, so I suspect this is where a lot of the sex scenes were, but all we get is slightly creepy behavior and dorkiness. So we’ll call this plot lull the Snow Hump Hump.

“Just a little boob touch, as a treat..”
“No, I shouldn’t do something like that.”

For this part of the story, Sumino’s on full adorable blast with the full range of 90s anime girl noises:

“he-heUuuuUuuuuuuUuuuu~~~~” translates to “we just escaped a blizzard and I’m cold and tired.”
“Euuu Euuu” is a complicated one that expresses a huge range of Sumino’s emotions, from “we’re trapped in a blizzard and I’m panicking” to “the boy I love agreed to go on a date with me.” If you watched or read Air, it’s like “Gao gao!”
“do-dododo-dodododododo” is when your anime girl runs out of batteries.

While at your mom’s store, Sumino shyly admits she wants a toy ring and dreams of getting married. When she’s not looking, you quietly buy the ring from her mom using the meager salary you got from carrying water, then surprise propose to her one night:

This route is just too adorable. In case it wasn’t obvious how she reacts…

…it’s by making her favorite anime girl noise “euuu euuuuuuuu” followed by happily accepting your proposal!

Your engaged couple life begins as you work at the inn with random events like:

Your fiancé is asleep. Do you
“Give her head pats”
“Kiss her”

And more weird ones:

“I’m going to try licking her thighs while she carefully cleans my ears.”
Sumino: “A-Awawawa~! Blood is shooting out of your ears~!!”

Sumino also sets up March 3rd as the date to try on their custom-made wedding dress. The future looks bright.

Sumino: “…dehehehehe”
Sumino: “I waaaaaaaaaaaab youuuuuuuu~~~~! <3”

Your adorable wife is getting drunk off a glass or two of 1% wine.

Meiko comes by as well, but leaves the cryptic farewell of “Make sure to make her as happy as you possibly can.” before heading out.

I was really, really itching for the sad train to pull into the station so I was really excited by this subtle hint:

Sumino: “Huh? …wait, didn’t I make the same meal for breakfast this morning?”

My immediate thoughts went to she’s been dead the entire time and is fading out of existence! but that might be hoping too much.

But as I hoped, the feel train has left the station. I hope you packed your bags (and tissues).

Sumino slowly starts spacing out and forgetting little things. Her mom asks her to run errands, but she comes home after forgetting what she was out for.

Sayori: “I might have made her mad on accident. I jokingly said ‘what, going senile already?’ and she sulked and stormed off.”

Then later when you come home, she asks you if you’ve seen her anman anywhere. You look at her oddly and point to the table in front of her with the bag sitting on it.

Sumino: “E-ehehe… T-thanks Kanata-chan.”

It slowly gets worse as time goes on. One evening when her mom is busy and needs something from the store, Sumino volunteers to go get it and leaves before her mom can stop her. Several hours pass and everyone’s worried sick. You venture out into the town in the dark and eventually find her quivering at the shrine.

She’s completely forgotten how to go home or how to return to the inn. She’s stuck in an unfamiliar place, stranded in the snow. You warm her up with her jacket, calm her down, then escort her back to the inn.

It’s at this point that the family decides to take her to the hospital. She doesn’t know why they’re taking her. You and her mom just tell her she’s got a cold that could get worse if they don’t look into it. The doctor examines her and tells her that she’ll be fine, but that he wants her to stay as an inpatient for a while. Privately however, he informs everyone else that her mind is regressing similar to someone with Alzheimer’s. It will slowly get worse over time and there’s no treatment. The only factor is the will of the heavens.

At the hospital, she asks why she’s there since she doesn’t even remember coming. They decide to move her back home, since being around nostalgic places may help her maintain her memory.

Her disease reaches the point where she doesn’t remember eating after a meal. She complains and throws a tantrum that Kanata is ignoring her and refusing to feed her. She hits Kanata like a stubborn toddler would, but she doesn’t realize how strong she is and hits him for real. Once she finally tires herself out, she passes out, disheveled on the bed.

In one of her more together moments, she asks you a question that made me hesitant and mull it over:

Sumino: “I’m sick… aren’t I?”
“Tell her the truth.”

That was a hard choice for me to make. Sayre and I talked it over a bit, and we finally went with telling her the truth. Even so, Kanata softens it a lot, saying she’s only a little sick and will get better soon. This gives Sumino some relief, but stabs into our heart.

At this point, the downward spiral accelerates. After dinner with her mom and Kanata, she throws a fit accusing them of eating without giving her anything. She calls her mom a horrible person for tormenting her child this way and screams at her.

Her mom, at her absolute breaking point, snaps and slaps Sumino. The sound effect really tore through as the music stopped and the screen went white.

Sumino: “…”
Sayori: “…s-stop your fussing right this instant!!

Sumino’s unable to comprehend what happens and continues her tirade.

Sumino: “Uwaaaa!! I didn’t eat anything!! You never fed me!!”

Eventually, Sumino wears herself down and passes out at the table, leaving Kanata and Sayori sitting together in silence.

Sayori: “…I’ve never raised a hand to her before…”

Sayori instantly feels guilty about what she’s done and apologizes to Kanata. Both her and Kanata acknowledge just how difficult this situation is for them, and Kanata doesn’t fault her for breaking under pressure.

From then on, Sumino goes into episodes of saying “I don’t want to eat, I’m not hungry” then complaining and demanding food later on, even after just eating. Her mom offers her anman, her self-proclaimed source of life, but she refuses, saying they taste terrible.

At one point, you catch her voraciously shoveling snow into her mouth, complaining of her hunger. You try to wrestle her away, saying you made an onigiri for her in the other room, but she thrashes and batters you. She claws at you and leaves you bleeding.

Once she calms down, she glances at her hand and notices something: the plastic purple gem Kanata proposed with.

“What’s this thing? It’s in the way,” she says as she casts the wedding ring away.

Kanata: “GOD DAMNIT!!”

Kanata’s spirit absolutely breaks at this point. It’s at this point that he feels like his beloved Sumino may truly be gone. That ring is the link between her and him. He spends the next several hours clawing through the snow in desperation, but has no luck. He thinks he sees a glimmer in the lake, so he dives into the icy water without hesitating and searches around. After cutting his feet on sharp rocks and nearly passing out from hypothermia, he somehow manages to stumble onto the toy ring.

Kanata: “With this… we can still be happy together…”

Even with the ring back, Kanata can’t help but feel in despair. Just to drive the knife deeper, the game gives you this choice:

“Think that everything would be better if it was all a dream.”
“No, we have to stay positive.”

I talked to my discord at this point and described the plot. I suspected that if I picked the first option, my character might try to kill Sumino to put her out of her misery. ItsumoKnight made the valid point that the plot would become Silent Hill 2 at that point with James and Mary. Knowing where that plot went, I decided to select the first option and see what happened.

The plot continues for another day, with Sumino now unable to even remember Kanata’s name. She barely remembers her mom, but she calls her the impersonal Sayori instead of mom. Knowing his fiancé doesn’t even recognize him anymore, Kanata faces another decision.

Kanata: “If this is all I had ahead of me in life, I shouldn’t have been saved from that rockslide. Why was I saved?”
“Throw everything away and head back to your old home.”
“Even so, I’ll stay and help Sumino.”

This one is a more clear-cut choice as to what ending, but emotionally the first option felt like it fit the main character much more. I went with that one to see what happens, and you steal away from the town at night. Suddenly, you wake up in a bright room. A man you don’t know asks how you’re feeling, and you reply that you feel good enough to go for a jog. He responds in a familiar way which you find annoying. You’ve had this interaction before. A woman comes to talk to you. She mentions something about her daughter and a promise to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. You don’t know anything about that and tell her “who cares about that.” You’re alone in that quiet, white room.


So I guess we somehow also got sick when we left town and had our memories regress like Sumino’s. Well, time for time travel and redoing the decision.

Rather than breaking down and giving up, Kanata racks his brain for ideas on how to help. He suddenly remembers the hundred time worship Sumino did to save him and desperately gives it a shot since he’s out of options.

At the shrine, he hikes up the long staircase to the top, throws all the money in his wallet into the offering box, then vigorously shakes the hanging bell before offering his plea. “That’s 1,” he says as he heads all the way down the stairs, places a rock to keep track, then turns around and does it again. Around 20 times in, light breaks. Halfway through, he falls, but pulls himself up. It’s midday and he hasn’t eaten or rested, but he drags himself along. 70 prays in, he collapses again and thinks of Sumino.

Sumino: “Walking hand-in-hand with Kanataaaaa-chaaaaan~~”

After the vision of her in his head, he tears himself off the ground and keeps going. Only ten left when his knee gives in and sends him to the ground. He slowly pulls himself back up, but forgets what count he’s on. He keeps dragging himself along until he faints and wakes up in his room.

(I’m still not sure how big this staircase is for it to take him 36 hours to climb it 100 times? Especially when he climbs it now and then anyway…)

Staring at the ceiling, he realizes it must have all been a dream. However…

Sumino, who has been treating him like a stranger, walks into his room that morning and calls for him. Kanata starts crying for joy, with Sumino saying he’s acting weird. Sayori hears the commotion and comes over as well, also breaking down at her daughter’s mental return.

She seems to have all her memories from before her regression, but none during it. She’s essentially forgotten that she’s forgotten anything.

Kanata: “We’ll all be happier forgetting about all the forgetting.”

To keep things simple, they tell Sumino that she’s been asleep this whole time. To test the waters, Sayori hesitantly asks Sumino how she feels about anman:

Sayori: “What about… anman?”
Sumino: “Anman for breakfast? I can really have that!?”

She’s back!

Kanata: “Maybe the gods really do exist then.”

Sayori and Kanata believe the gods answered Kanata’s prayers at the shrine and saved the day, conveniently enough. Sumino remembers they have to pick up her dress tomorrow, bringing tears to Kanata again since she remembered their engagement. Sumino wants to sketch since she hasn’t drawn in forever, so they decide to go to the lake.

We’re finally back to the happy, anman-filled silly antics after surviving the sad gauntlet!

“I love you <3”

Sumino makes Kanata stand in a weird pose while she sketches him, then gives him the above drawing. He promises to keep it close to him forever. Sumino suddenly realizes she’s missing her ring, but Kanata pulls it out of his pocket from earlier and gives it back to her.

Kanata: “What I really wanted… was Sumino’s radiant smile…”

What a happy ending…




Sumino develops a fever of around 102-103 and, after half an hour or so of in-game happy, the sad song comes back. You know the game lured you in and gave you the bait and switch.

Kanata tells her that if she sleeps and reduces her fever, they can pick up the dress tomorrow. Anxious and excited, she attempts to sleep. In the morning however, her fever has gone up to 41.3C. In Fahrenheit, that’s 106 degrees!!

Sayori: “Forget about the dress and rest, Sumino! The dress isn’t going to run away.”

It was at this point that Sayre and I looked at each other. “Doesn’t a 106 degree fever mean a medical emergency that kills people?”

Yes. Yes it does.
Sumino: “Kanata-chan… Ple…ase… We need to… go today…”

Sumino refuses to back down and insists on going today, instead of, you know, going to a fucking hospital. Her mom finally agrees (wat), and Kanata agrees to carry her on her back to the store. Sumino tells her mom that she loves her and says goodbye. Sayori realizes that something is terribly wrong at this point.

Now Sayre and I are pondering the insurance liability for dying on store property. This scene was just not as well delivered as the earlier sad scenes, so we ripped on it a little haha.

It doesn’t help that Sayori was replaced with a giraffe at this point.

She tells Kanata to hurry quickly to the store, then go by the hospital on the way back.

You can see Sumino’s arms draped over Kanata’s shoulders as he’s carrying her through the snow.

She tells him how happy he’s made her, and that she’s glad he came back to the village.

He asks where they should go on their honeymoon. She thinks about it, then decides that Hawaii would be a great escape from the snow.

She briefly goes quiet before Kanata prods her awake again.

“I… was really happy with you…”

And she dies in your arms.

SHE FUCKING DIES. Holy shit I’m tearing up just remembering this scene. This game dragged you through mud earlier, only to offer a nice hot shower and fluffy towel on the other side, then filled the bathroom floor with glass when you got out. Fuuuuuck.

I can’t see in front of me through the tears.
But I have to let you try on the wedding dress.
I can’t see you through the tears, Sumino…

The scene fades to white as you remember play marrying Sumino as kids. You use a curtain as a veil and profess your love for one another.

And then it got weird.

You find yourself in front of the shrine, hearing the voice of the pink-haired girl calling “Mom, over here, over here!” You hear a voice respond in kind that sounds like Sumino’s. You see them playing together, but they don’t see you at all. Eventually, as things fade, they slowly turn to you.

“Welcome home…”

And the game ends.

WHAT!? So were the missing parents of the girl us the whole time? Does this mean those two are both dead now? Does me meeting them mean I’m also dead!?

What caused the amnesia!? Was it the dragon’s at the beginning? Was it plot convenience? How the hell do we have a dead time-travel daughter who talks like an old lady!?

For beating the game, the snow in the main title has melted, leaving a beautiful forest of green and confusion. There’s a new menu option called “Legend” which appears to be a prologue about the dragon fable, so I’ll have to read that next and see if it sheds any light on what I just saw. If not, we’ll have to play our time travel old lady daughter’s route next. And what’s with that animal girl!? And the green-haired screeching girl!?

Snow’s not ending anytime soon, is it…?

Saving Women by Crushing Perverted Old Men at Mahjong – Oyaji Hunter (3DO)

Censored by the Tiny Censor Puppies

Kenji Eno was a visionary game developer who constantly explored new ideas, from a sound-only game for visually-impaired players to incorporating fashion design into his storytelling. He also made a game about beating up perverted men by crushing them at mahjong. We’ll be talking about that one today.

18+ strip mahjong games are nothing new, ranging back to several titles on the PC-98. But Kenji Eno wanted to do something different:

“I remember thinking ‘Man, I’m really tired of games where you play mahjong to strip girls, I want to make one where you save them!’ and that’s how we somehow got to whatever this is. At first, we didn’t plan on having anime cutscenes or a theme song, but somehow it just all became a bigger project than anticipated. I hope everyone’s satisfied with it!” – Kenji Eno, Producer

From this quote alone, we can tell this wasn’t a project to take seriously. Let us done our hero cape and become a champion of justice!

Our story begins as a high school girl walks home alone at night, only to be assaulted by a pervert who flashes her with his camera and begs for her underwear. Then he flashes himself, revealing he’s wearing nothing but pink teddy bear panties. Clearly in a pinch, she calls for the Oyaji Hunter!

Batman doesn’t even have his spotlight in color!

Alright, so to get this in the right order: the pervert is tazed, then Hunter flies in from miles away and punches him to the ground. I’m not sure how he shocked him from a mile away, but I have to admit he’s good at stopping an attack in progress. The best part of all these scenes is the obviously forced segue into mahjong:

“The hero of justice, Oyaji Hunter, is on the scene!”

“You bastard, looking for a fight!?”

“I can’t just stand by and watch your despicable acts, lolicon with a fetish for used girl’s clothing!”

“Then beat me at mahjong!!”

Just like, Hunter already beat the crap out of this guy, but he’s like “play mahjong with me” and for some reason, Hunter just silently nods and they walk to the nearest shady mahjong bar. Just listen to the music for the first stage and tell me it doesn’t feel like you walked into a lonely bar, the stale stench of years of tobacco stinging your nose. The place doesn’t make you happy, but here you are yet again, playing mahjong until the light hours of the early morning.

This seems the right place to mention I ripped all the music from the game and uploaded them to YouTube. I even subtitled the very important opening theme~ Have fun! (Stage 1 is around 2:19)

Anyway, enough of that, time for the gameplay! Now I only learned riichi mahjong (Japanese mahjong) a few weeks before this, so I’m still learning by playing hot anime gacha mahjong with friends online.

It took a while, but I rolled the obviously best character. Also that hand’s a total fluke, never happening again.

Once you sit down at the table, you’ll be greeted by a facecam of your opponent, followed by a very muffled “I won’t go easy on you.” The game plays like standard riichi mahjong, except each round is with only two players. Each player takes turns discarding tiles until either someone wins or the discard pile is full. Calls such as kan, pon, chii, and riichi won’t be displayed automatically like in some mahjong clients, so you’ll have to press B to see what’s valid on that turn. If nothing is valid, your player will just say “dame (no)” every time for every button press, meaning you can be a DJ and dame to the beat~

The discard pile only fits 18 tiles, which makes the rounds feel short, especially since you only have one player to call tiles from. So for many hands, you might have problems finding the last tile you need. Thankfully, the game has you covered. If you’re one tile away from winning and declared riichi (1,000 point bet that you will win the round), but then the round ran out of tiles, you’ll enter what the game calls Last Hunter Chance.

“Last Hunter Chance!”

In this mode, several tiles, including the tile you need to win, will shuffle very quickly on the screen. If you can follow the tile with your eyes and select it, you’ll draw that tile and win the round! It’s a really nice bonus, but it’s hard to get consistently (unless you’re save stating on an emulator~).

Each player’s score doubles as their life and if you win the round overall, you deal your hand’s value as damage to your opponent! You may be thinking that getting 50,000 points is a huge number to hit (or not, maybe you’re better at mahjong than my sorry ass), but no fear, there’s multipliers!

You’re given the chance to hit the pervert, and what you land on determines the attack. You’ll want to aim for Hunter Beam, which gives you a whopping x10! If you score above a point threshold (only happened to me like once or twice), then you might see Hunter Bomb appear which is an instant kill.

“Hunter attacks!! 90,000 damage!!”

Keep in mind however that your opponents aren’t just punching bags. If they win the round, they get a “Punishment Time” where they inflict their creepy fetishes on you and cause damage.

Similar to the Last Hunter’s Chance, several “punishments” will be shown before flipping over and mixing up randomly. The punishments range from x1 damage, no damage, to the game-ending x10 damage. The more points the opponent had, the more deadly the cards will be. These ones are a bit slower to mix up, so it’s not too hard to keep yourself alive.

But if you fail…

So yeah, don’t let that happen.

In terms of accessibility, this game is import friendly if you know how to play mahjong. There’s a tutorial mode, but that’s not going to do you much good in Japanese. However, there’s plenty of English-language tutorials for learning riichi mahjong as well as free games like Mahjong Soul to help you learn. Most of the story is played out in cutscenes, so even if you don’t know what they’re saying, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

The main things you’d need to know are the options to call, so here’s the Japanese with its meaning:

  • アガリ (agari)
    • Announce that you’ve won. I believe this is for both ツモ (tsumo, self-drawn win) and ロン (winning off an opponent’s discard)
  • リーチ (riichi)
    • Declare that you’re one tile away from winning and that you’re betting 1,000 points that you’ll win
  • チー (chii)
    • Call your opponent’s discarded tile to complete a sequence in your hand
  • ポン (pon)
    • Call your opponent’s discarded tile to complete a triplet in your hand
  • カン (kan)
    • Call your opponent’s discarded tile to complete a quad in your hand
    • Announce you have a quad in your hand you want to play
    • Add the 4th tile you just drew to a previously played triplet of yours.

Apart from that, the main Japanese text in the game is the victory screen where you’ll see the names of what hands you played. Those aren’t very important since you’ll either have an idea of what you played, or you’ll just see numbers becoming the big numbers and nod.

When you finally get enough of playing mahjong against a pervert, you’ll get a victory cutscene.

Usually the scenes end with the girl, previously in distress, taking matters into their own hands because you were spending all your time playing mahjong. Something about you winning at a gambling game gives them the courage to beat the shit out of their assailants. Girl power? I’ll take what I can get.

The story itself consists of 5 chapters against 5 perverts, ranging from S&M Hitler Pervert to Super Alter Mech Robo Pervert in the finale. Apart from the finale, the stages follow the same formula of girl in distress, beat the pervert up, play mahjong with them, then the girl beats up the guy (apart from one nice girl who forgives him).

In the finale, the pervert in the power suit doesn’t admit defeat, and you get treated to the only acknowledgement that Hunter literally just carries a mahjong table at all times.

Part of his anti-pervert utility belt!

The robot and Hunter engage in an intense final battle, where the robot fires a beam that conveniently removes all women’s clothing in a mile radius! Hunter is about to be incinerated by a laser beam when he pulls out his Hunter Shoulder Mirrors which reflect it back, destroying the robot!

Left behind in the rubble is what appears to be Gollum…

The tiny man explains that he had to take revenge on all women for calling him a short, ugly monster. Life is just so cruel, and it’s all women’s fault (uhhh).

So then these women come up and apologize to him on behalf of all women (UHHH).

So then he’s moved by their apology and the fact that they’re nice women out there, so evil guy is good now.
And then everyone lived happily ever after! And none of the women were angry that the man stole all their clothes and in fact, had to apologize to him. That was a rough ending, so much for empowering women > .<.

As a reward for beating the game (and for reading this post for so long!), the game rewards you with a level select code to play any stage:

“A special code for those who’ve beaten the game! Press the above command on the title screen to play any stage!”

The game has no saving, so the above code is really useful if you need to stop or if you’re bad at mahjong and each round takes forever to win.

Now, as a fan translator and hacker, I always check to see how easily a translation would be if the game doesn’t have one. Considering I know the 3DO tools pretty well from translating Doctor Hauzer, it was easy to see what we were working with. Thankfully, nearly all if not all of the text is pictures!

Replaced “Now Loading” with the Tiny Censorship Puppies.
And then I just went crazy, replacing the “Round Over” text with the headless old man from Ancient Roman, the “No Tenpai” message with the terrible burial job from the same game, then the “Tenpai” message with the Princess from “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” saying congratulations. I was bored and having fun, then didn’t tell my stream I did this~

So overall a translation effort of the game itself would involve a lot of image editing, but nothing too difficult there. The hard part would be translating the videos, since the 3DO doesn’t currently have the best tools for working with them. We’re playing around with writing our own tool at the moment, so if that pans out, then we’ll definitely translate this game!

Lastly, the game also contains a bonus section of mini-games and demos and also one unsolved secret. In the demo section, we see one game stand out like a sore thumb: the trailer for the cancelled M2 version of D’s Diner!!

When I first saw that, my heart skipped a beat. It turned out to be nothing new, but was still amazing to see the 3DO model of Laura in the D2 trailer!

Now, the unsolved secret involves going down to the basement, where you’re met with a sign that says “Cleaning in Progress.”

I searched online, but couldn’t find any way to access this room. I thought it might be like the hidden codes in D and the Director’s Cut that I helped find, but nothing in the game case that I could find. If you have any ideas or theories, let me know since I want to get in!

On the other hand, I do already know what’s behind the door due to aforementioned game hacking. You might recognize it from the café banner for the website:

As far as I can tell, entering the room shows you a pitch for none other than:

Oyaji Hunter 2: Legend of the Young Emperor!! The slide show of reused images and text ends with a simple:
“This was all a fat lie.”

Even if I mostly know what’s behind the door, I still want to know how to get in there and see it myself! I tried searching online in Japanese to see if I could find it, but unfortunately the search terms mostly just got some not so safe for work things >//<.

Judging by Kenji Eno’s past secrets with D that involved dismantling your CD case to find a hidden code that you have to interpret as a password to enter on the final screen of both D and D Director’s Cut to get 2 separate save files, I’d imagine it’s something really esoteric and complicated.

…or who knows, maybe you just have to get a really good mahjong score. Or beat the minigames with a certain score. Or have a save file from another one of his games.

Lastly, there’s a few fun things in the manual:

We saw Kenji Eno’s above, but here’s the interviews from the other staff members!

“Somehow we managed to use more than 4,000 cells for this game’s animation! A thirty minute program might use something like 2,500 cells, so this was quite an achievement. For a mahjong game, it’s unheard of! Though most mahjong games don’t have missiles flying at you or battle scenes, so it’s definitely a lot of fun.” – Ichiro Itano, Animation Director

“For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to play a hero of justice. With this role, I finally got to act out the ‘heart of a hero’ I’ve always held by acting in this game. Someone who was always there when you needed him and was smooth and refreshing like a nice soft drink.” Taiki Matsuno, Voice Actor

“Oh man, I have to do this too? Well, I sung the opening theme to Oyaji Hunter, if you could call it that. People who aren’t familiar with the game get a little weirded out when I say that, but those who know about the game get a chuckle out of it. You reading this paragraph, come join the world of Rumi Shishido! Your life will be filled with so much joy! Now, sing with me: ‘Oyaji Hunter~'” – Rumi Shishido, Singer

“Phew! We’re finally done.”

Two major industry pros met, and this big project is the result! They fought until dawn and gave a few honest words while their eyes were still bloodshot.

Eno: “Phew! We’re finally finished! I thought releasing this would forever be a far off dream! Really, good job to everyone.”

Itano: “Good work everyone. What even sparked this project anyway?”

Eno: “We were both lecturing at the same school, remember? Then we got talking and eventually mentioned that it’d be cool to work on something together…”

Itano: “Then you followed up and got the ball rolling. But wow, Oyaji Hunter Mahjong really took off into something big.”

Eno: “It really did. The animation was so well done, I’m glad you worked on this with me. At first, we weren’t even planning on having anime scenes. Then we decided to stick something of yours in and see how it went. After that, I knew it could only be you. At first we were only going to have 1,500 cells and call it a day there, but then somehow…”

Itano: “4,300 (laughs). And Eno, it wasn’t just ‘somehow.’ At first you said ‘Oh it’s in a game, so they don’t have to move much,’ but then you’d go like ‘Oh make that part flashier’ or ‘This is an Itano anime, we should really add more missiles. More missiles!'”

Eno: “Hahaha. I’m sorry, really. But the characters really do move a lot. I can’t imagine this as a 4,800 yen game!”

Itano: “You sure? It seems close to me, but I’m worried about next time.”

Eno: “No, this project was enough of a beast. We really put too much into this. But, I think everyone will be happy with it. How would you feel about working together again though?”

Itano: “If 3DO fans like this kind of anime, then I’d love to work with you again.”

This one’s strange in that it’s a picture of 4 random guys that says “These are Oyaji!” aka the creepy perverted men you’re hunting in the game. I’m not sure if these are programmers or staff being added for fun in the manual or what. But it basically says their type “Park Oyaji,” “Walking the Streets at Night Oyaji,” and “Festival Oyajis.” Then it has a small bio of their name, age, date of birth, sign, hobbies, and favorite type of girl. It must have been a great honor to have been, uh, listed as a perverted man in a game manual…

One final thing. I was looking through the manual for hints on the secret area and stumbled across this page:

This is mostly your normal warning of “don’t sit close to the television, take breaks,” etc, but I can’t help but feel suspicious at the highlighted characters. I’m wondering if this is how you get the secret room? Here’s the highlighted characters in order, then what color they were.






Maybe that’ll give someone an idea…

But thank you for joining me this far! And remember; when you’re in trouble on the streets, just call for a hot guy with a sweet bod to play mahjong against your assailant~!