Translation Progress

Below is a list of our current and past translation projects. Our projects can be found on here.

Feel free to come by our discord and chat!

In Progress (Last updated: January 25th, 2022)

  • Fate Extra CCC (PSP)
  • Ancient Roman (PS1)
    • Translation: 25%
    • Hacking: 10%
    • We’ve successfully found the font routines and have started creating a workable font. The script has been found and dumped, but not yet in an easily reinsertable format.
  • Tricolore (DC)
    • We found a hacker (more so a hacker found us!)
    • Text extracted, translation has begun!
  • Tokyo Dungeon (PS1)
    • For some reason, we have a script dump. I’ve beaten the game and will poke the script as low priority since I enjoyed the game. A new font needs to be hacked in for the game.